Premier Waxing Services Stuart

Experience a new horizon of waxing in Stuart at Skin Serenity Spa, where we exclusively utilize the illustrious waxing products of Perron Rigot. Revered as a top-tier French brand, Perron Rigot is synonymous with premium, low-temperature waxes adaptable for every technique and skin variant. At our Stuart location, waxing transcends mere hair elimination – it unfolds as a comprehensive beauty ritual.

Why Choose Perron Rigot?

Stuart’s Quality & Diversity: Perron Rigot’s Cirépil lineup, ranging from hypoallergenic to moisturizing blends, scented to neutral, caters to Stuart’s diverse clientele, regardless of gender or specific need.

Innovative Essence: Cirépil Blue, the pioneering non-strip wax, encapsulates the innovation Perron Rigot brings, echoed throughout Stuart. Its unmatched efficacy is something many aspire to duplicate but seldom achieve.

Comfort & Efficiency in Stuart: Prioritizing hair extraction over skin adhesion, the method ensures up to 50% less discomfort. Stuart’s choice, Cirépil waxes, promise reduced pain, minimal redness, fewer ingrown hairs, and enduring smoothness for 4-6 weeks with routine sessions.


The Unique Cirépil Journey in Stuart

Skin Prepping: Kickstart with a cleansing ritual harnessing the Cirépil Antiseptic Blue Lotion with reduced alcohol content, especially advocated for delicate zones. This is succeeded by the Cirépil Pre Depilatory Jasmin Oil, ensuring the wax clings only to hairs, safeguarding your skin.

Waxing Experience in Stuart: Our Stuart-based experts guarantee thorough hair removal in just a solitary wax application. Overlooked an area? We’ll reapply sans any discomfort.

Post-Waxing Indulgence: Culminate with a gentle massage utilizing the Cirépil After Wax Refreshing Gel. Depart our Stuart spa feeling rejuvenated, devoid of stickiness, and radiating self-assurance.

Our Premium Waxing Services Stuart



Elevate your facial features with precise brow waxing. Enhanced definition for a refined look.

Full Back


Showcase a smoother, hair-free back. Ideal for both summer swimsuits and everyday comfort.

Half Face


Enhance the beauty of your face by removing unwanted facial hair, ensuring a silky-smooth canvas.

Neck Wax


Extend the smoothness to your neck area, ensuring a seamless look from face to collar.



Embrace confidence in sleeveless outfits with smooth, hair-free underarms.

Full Chest


Achieve a polished look for your chest and abdomen. Feel confident and comfortable in any attire.

Full Legs


Flaunt your legs with confidence. Ideal for beach vacations, summer dresses, and much more.

Lip & Brow


Define and refine the two focal points of your face. A dual service for those keen on precision.



Maintain a neat appearance by removing visible nose hairs, giving you a clean and refreshed feeling.

Full Arms


Show off your smooth arms with confidence, perfect for all your sleeveless and short-sleeved outfits.

Half Arms


A focused treatment for forearm hair removal, providing a smooth touch and appearance.

Lip & Chin


Remove unwanted facial hair from the lip and chin areas, giving you a clean and refined look.



Present your shoulders with pride, free from distracting hair. Ideal for tank tops and off-the-shoulder outfits.


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