Perron Rigot is a renowned French creator of high quality, low temperature waxes suitable for all techniques, and skin types. Only the finest ingredients are used in its formulations.

The range of Cirépil by Perron Rigot waxes include strip and non-strip, sensitive & hypoallergenic, moisturizing & natural, scented & unscented. Waxes are perfect for both male, and female waxing treatments including the growing demand for intimate services. 

Perron Rigot is the creator of the Original patented Cirépil Blue Wax in North America. Best known as non-strip or hard wax, Cirépil Blue is used without strips.
Don’t be fooled by imitations!    Cirépil Blue . . . often imitated, never replicated!


How Does It Work?

An exclusive application method:

At Cirépil by Perron Rigot, we believe: “It’s not just about what we remove. It is about what we leave behind. . . healthy skin!” Unlike traditional methods of waxing, Cirépil wax sticks to the hair rather than the skin, reducing the pain of waxing by 50%! Cirépil wax encapsulates the hair, removing it from the root while leaving the skin undamaged. When the integrity of the skin is uncompromised, there is reduced inflammation, redness, and downtime for YOU making painful waxing a thing of the past!

You will love the remarkable results, and ultra smooth, and soft skin.

  • Less Painful:   Cirépil adheres to the hair rather than the skin. 
  • Never Sticky:
  • Less Redness:  With its ingredients, and gentle hair removal, Cirépil ensures less inflammation, and redness.
  • Less Ingrown Hairs:   Cirépil waxes remove all hair from its root; avoiding ingrown hairs.
  • Long Lasting:   results can last 2 – 4 weeks. Up to 4 – 6 with regular waxing. 


Waxing with Cirepil is not just hair removal; it’s a complete beauty treatment in itself!

 Along with performing the depilatory service, we provide you with our exclusive Cirépil pre and post-wax process. You will love how smooth, and soft your skin will feel after every wax. No longer just a service, waxing will be looked upon as a treatment!


As a Cirépil wax professional we first prepare, and cleanse the skin with Cirépil Antiseptic Blue Lotion, a low-alcohol cleanser especially recommended for delicate areas, and sensitive skin. Next, we apply a small amount of Cirépil Pre Depilatory Jasmin Oil to the skin to ensure the wax adheres only to the hair, and not the skin.


One proper application is all that is needed for 100% effectiveness. Should we miss any hairs, Cirépil waxes can be re-applied on just-waxed areas immediately without discomfort or concern. 


Following the waxing service, we will refresh your skin with an application of Cirépil After Wax Refreshing Gel providing a gentle massage. Your client will enjoy the calming effect, leave “sticky” behind, and walk out the door with confidence!

Waxing Services

Full Back$45
Half Face$20
Neck Wax$13
Chest and abdomen$65
Full Legs$60
Lip & Brow$20
Full Arms$43
Half Arms$25
Lip & Chin$15