Amberly Rodriguez
Medical Esthetician

Florida State Skin Care Specialist
Certified Dermaplaning
Certified Cryotherapy Technician

Amberly Maria Rodriguez was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut and moved to Miami, Florida at the age of 6. She graduated from Coral Reef Senior High School in 2019 where she majored in business and finance. While attending Miami Dade College for Business, she realized it was not her true passion and wanted a career that was more meaningful to her. As time went on, she discovered more about herself and what she enjoyed doing. During this time, she realized how much she enjoyed learning about skin care as well as helping others. She not only wanted to know about “skin care” but wanted to grasp a deeper understanding of the skin and its relation to how it makes people feel. At that revelation, she made the decision to enroll at the Robert Morgan Technical College in Miami Florida to become a Facial Specialist.

She was thrilled and eager to continue her education and to build relationships with people that were on the same path. While in school she was working a full-time job and going to Esthetic school at night. Some days were more exhausting than others, but she continued to push forward knowing it would all be worth it in the end. In December of 2022 she became a Licensed Esthetician specializing in waxing, high frequency treatments, extractions, product/ingredient knowledge, facial massage and more.

Shortly after receiving her license, she moved to the Treasure Coast as a chance to seek expanding her lifetime career choice. After sending out her resume to spas all over the Treasure Coast, she found many weren’t interested in hiring someone new to the field. It was during this search for employment that she came across Skin Serenity Spa in Stuart. She made herself familiar with the spa, its work and its reputation and sent in her resume. She was grateful to hear back from them and was overwhelmed with joy to know someone was giving her an opportunity. She is blessed to say she now has the opportunity to train and work with Candace and Skin Serenity Spa as an Esthetician. She is excited to learn more and expand her knowledge in skincare and provide exceptional customer service to all of her future clients.